Red Book

This page is dedicate to the ‘legendary’ Red Book.

In the ‘olden days’ club members used to hand write the results from their various races into a Red Book.

This was used by Chris, to trawl through, to find out things such as the best performance of the year. Of course this was a bit of a hit and miss system and relied on members remembering to do this. Now, i’m sure most of the members won’t mind me saying this, most of our members are ‘old’ (well our kids think we’re old) and quite poor at remembering from one week to the next.

Luckily one bright spark, that’s me, created a spreadsheet where I input all the race results into. I share this on facebook so I can get feeback to ensure I don’t miss anything.

Current Red Book version as of 21/09/2019 is below. I’ll update this periodically.

RED Book(2)