For most club-members, road-races are what it’s all about. Its not that we all finish with a prize in every race (although some occasionally do), but about the personal challenge of beating your previous best.


The 6.2-mile distance is the perfect beginner’s endurance event, but is also a short and fast race for those who wish to burst a lung. There are dozens of 10k’s throughout the year, so you can choose one almost every weekend if you wish.


13.1-miles is a very long way for the beginner, but after a little training it is very achievable. The Half is a challenging distance for the legs, the first of the true endurance events. There are fewer Halfs around, but then you probably don’t want to run one every week!


26.2-miles is an extremely long way for anybody! For most, this is the ultimate distance, and many say once in a lifetime is enough, but for others there is a mysterious addiction, and they keep going back for more (or are they just mad, Phil?).

The full marathon is the ultimate challenge… truly taking you to the end of your physical and mental ability. Not for the faint-hearted, or weak-willed! And the training is as challenging as the race itself.