Long Eaton 5 – Sunday 11th of September 2016.

Long Eaton 5

Sunday 11th of September 2016.

This race starts at West Park Leisure centre and if you are used to the Long Eaton Park Run it runs around part of the course. There is ample parking plus even an overflow field to park in. Ideally you get there early to park as near as you can tho. :)

The race does start on the grass but is a fast and flat course taking a detour out of the park around a few roads and then finally back into the park to the finish on the grass.


The conditions were good but maybe just a tad too hot for what is basically a 5 mile sprint!!


Chris W – 31.26
Brian – 33.42 PB
Brendan – 35.01
Clare – 36.08
Michael C – 37.28 PB
Sharon – 38.55 PB – 1st FV45
Barry – 45.24
Neil – 46.47

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Wilne 10K – Sunday 4th of September 2016.

Wilne 10K

Sunday 4th of September 2016.

This race is a nice flat course but two laps! The only other downside is the races popularity, places are limited to 1000’s runners and it fills up fast and if you start in the wrong place you will not get away fast (if you are going for a fast time of course 😛 )





Before the race it did threaten to rain but it held off for this one so this year it made the conditions just about right when normally it is quite a hot one!

For me this was a race after a night out in Notts – I didn’t get in till 1.00 am and then slept badly from 4.00am due to a headache. I did fell it a little when the race started but soon forgot about it and had quite a good second lap. Did feel a groin strain at 8 miles but kept it going. It was a little painful in the evening but other than that it went quite well. (i’m always looking for excuses :P)


Ken – 37.39
Spray – 38.33
Jason – 38.53
Brian – 42.23
Brendan – 44.18
Potter – 44.51
Richard R – 45.53
Chris – 46.15
Fordy – 46.34
Michael C – 46.54
Robert Humber – 52.54
Mat D – 56.07
Neil – 56.43
Barry – 57.06

No Sinfin Ladies whatsoever !!! – Someones missed a trick here s if only one had turned up they would of got full Championship points :)







Report by Brian Warner

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2016 Double or Quits Race

Double or Quits Race

Saturday 28th of August 2016.

The course is around Shipley Park so for anyone that knows Shipley Park they know that means it is an undulating course.


The race is either 1 x 5 mile lap or 2 laps depending on a few options
1 – your training plan
2 – how you feel on the day
3 – if you simply wish to put yourself through the pain of 2 laps!!

The course has varying different types of terrain including some tarmac sections with speed bumps. To cap it all it had been raining earlier in the day plus more was expected so the choice was normal running trainers or something else – maybe cross country trainers which is what I plumped for.

I did two laps last year and went for it again this year but it so took it out of me this year! I don’t know, maybe it was the rain, it did rain but we got away with it lightly or maybe it was the trainers! Luckily the rain wasn’t too bad for the under 1 hour and 45 finished but those left running would have hated it even more especially when it chucked it down!

Anyway – less of my bleating —–


5 Mile

Barry – 48.41 – 1st MV65 (no prize for this but recognition in the results :) )

10 Mile

Brian – 1.13.08
Brendan – 1.13.21
Clare – 1.15.43 – 1st Vet Lady
Sharon – 1.23.38 – 2nd LV45
Michael – 1.25.41
Richard Fildes – 1.30.21
Simon – 1.31.22

Special mentions go to —

Clare retained her 10 mile 1st Vet lady award for the 3rd time in succession.



















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Report for Monday 29/02/2016 to Sunday 06/03/2016

Saturday 05/03/2016


Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Marvin – 18.58 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Neil – 29.07


Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) – 5K


Ateyeb – 17.35 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB – 1st Place

Chris – 20.20 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

Brian – 21.17

Brendan – 22.31

George – 23.52

Michael C – 23.54 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

Mary Winter – 25.09 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

John Bush – 25.39

Sharon – 25.44 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

Julie M – 27.31

Julie C – 27.27

Fiona – 27.38

Graham – 27.32

Zakria – 28.00 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB


Sunday 06/03/2016


Ruchcliffe 10K


Rob Lane – 43.25


Great Northern Half

This is a relatively new event and the first time that a half option has been available. There were a few teething issues such as the muddy car park and no official times for those who entered on the day which was a little disappointing as it was a chip timed event. In addition to this is was a very cold day :(


Mick McGinty – 1.16.30 – 3rd

Marv – 1.31.08

Spray – 1.31.08

Brian – 1.34.37

Richard W – 1.39.00

Neil – 2.14.44


Newport to Burton Ultra  – 41 miles

Don’t know much about this one apart from it’s a bloomin long way!


Jason – 6.35.15


Bluebell Fell Race – 7.4K

A Dave Denton race which has some very fast and narrow down hill sections plus some long climbs! – if it’s the one I’m thinking of!



Trev – 51.32

Paul S – 52.04

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Report for Monday 22/02/2016 to Sunday 28/02/2016

Saturday 27/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Paul S – 25.58

Graham – 26.22 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Neil Barnes – 28.40


National Cross Country Championships – Castle Donnington

This is one event that you need to take part in during the Cross Country Season. This is the chance to run against the best field that you are every likely to face.


Ladies – 8K

Clare – 42.36

Helen – 47.40

Karen – 56.57

Men – 12K

Marv – 1.00.07

Chris – 1.00.55

Brian – 1.01.00

Paul W – 1.04.16

Richard Boyer – 1.04.41

Brendan – 1.05.21

Paul S – 1.17.18

Bushy – 1.22.03

Tim – 1.36.19

A great day and great turnout – some parts were muddy indeed very muddy on the gents third and final lap whilst other parts were firm and rutted. A good all-round test of ones ankles over a never ending course!


Belvoir Challenge 15M

This challenge of approximately 26 and 15 miles, depending on how far you want to go of course follows footpaths, byways, tracks, and minor roads, and with the kind permission of the Duke of Rutland, goes through the Belvoir Estate. Both routes start and finish at Harby Village Hall and are clearly way-marked with coloured tape. There are checkpoints roughly every 5 miles providing free drinks and snacks.


Julie M – 3.19.00


Sunday 28/02/2016


Coventry Half Marathon


Rob Lane – 1.39.44

Michael C – 1.42.44

Richard S – 1.47.20

Fiona – 1.51.35


Hope Winter Fell Race – 10.5K

The route is a reverse of the Summer race and is mainly off road, crossing meadows, a little bit of tarmac, rough hill paths, forest and open moorland.  It summits Win Hill, with a total ascent of 540 meters – if it’s clear weather there will be spectacular views across the Hope Valley.


Caroline – 1.12.31

Paul S – 1.17.52

*** Well done to Paul S – 3 races in 2 days – good going :)

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Report for Monday 01/02/2016 to Sunday 21/02/2016

Apologies – i’ve been a bit slack and missed some weekly reports so this is a bit of a catch up!!)

Saturday 06/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Ateyab – 17.46 – 1st

Spray – 19.03

Chris – 20.05

Brian – 20.32

Brendan – 25.02

Paul W – 25.02 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Paul S – 25.24

Bushy – 26.10

Simon – 26.54

Graham – 26.57

South Devon Costal Marathon / Half Marathon

This is one for the brave really – it’s a trail race along a costal route so quite tough to say the least – inspiringly it was Marv that was up for this and he even managed to drag Lucy along to take part in the half (well ‘halfish’!). Don’t think Lucy will want to do this again 😛


Marv – 5.26.10 – 28.5M

Lucy – 3.44.45 – 14.3M

Sunday 07/02/2016

Charnwood Hills

This is an annually held 14 miles, 1200ft of assent Trail race,


Jason Ball – 2.12.45

Paul S – 2.33.40

Saturday 13/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run


Ateyab – 17.12 – Long Eaton Park Run PB – 4th

Chris – 19.45 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Brian – 20.18

George – 24.15 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Bushy – 25.05 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Graham – 27.00

Sherwood Pines Park Run

Simon – 31.14 – Sherwood Pines Park Run PB

Dukeries 10M


Rob Lane – 1.28.39

Sunday 14/02/2016

Barcelona Half Marathon


Marv – 1.28.58

Lucy – 1.58.00

East Midlands Cross Country – Colwick Woods

The conditions were dryer than expected but still relatively muddy and slippery in places. They even managed to throw in another hill for good measure! 1 lap for the ladies (approx 2.6M) and 2 laps for the gents (approx 5.05M)



Caroline – 24.17

Mary – 25.17

Helen – 27.13

Andrea – 29.17


Brian – 39.02

Simon – 48.01

Bushy – 55.08

Wednesday 17/02/2016

Dave Denton’s Midweek races


1 Mile

Rob Lane – 6.04

Brian Warner – 6.10

Bushy – 7.23

Paul S – 7.37


Brian – 20.11

Rob Lane – 21.46

Paul S – 24.55

Bushy – 25.28

Saturday 20/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run


Brian – 20.36

Brendan – 23.04

Sharon – 24.06 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Bushy – 25.00 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Graham – 26.41

Simon – 28.25 – 50th Park Run

Neil – 31.34

Sunday 21/02/2016

Sleaford Half Marathon

Quite a windy day!


Rob Lane – 1.53.27

Wokingham Half


Marv – 1.28.35

Lucy – 1.59.01

East Midlands Cross Country – Trent Meadows

Yes – this was a wet one! – Through the quite deep continuous wet patches!! A small lap then a large lap for the ladies (approx 2.75M) and a small lap and 2 large laps for the gents (approx 5.05M)



Caroline – 26.36

Mary – 28.16

Helen – 29.11

Andrea – 31.55


Brian – 39.55

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Weekly Report Monday 04/01/2016 to Sunday 10/01/2016

Weekly Report Monday 04/01/2016 to Sunday 10/01/2016

Saturday 09/01/2016

Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Neil – 29.55 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Derbyshire Cross Country Championships – Shipley Park


Ladies – 8K
Clare Harrison – 39.47
*Caroline – 40.49
Mary – 42.37
*Sharon – 43.49
*Helen – 45.15
*Angela – 50.40

* Vets Ladies Team picked up a Silver medal

Men – 10K
Brian – 45.32
Spray – 46.26
Chris – 47.33
Brendan – 49.14
Paul W – 52.00
Richard R – 52.51
Richard W – 54.02
Simon – 55.22
Paul S – 58.14

A very muddy but very enjoyable race :)

Photos Follow —-






















Sunday 10/01/2016

Derby Runners League Cross Country – Allestree – 6M


Rob Lane – 56.11

Rob of course did this in his first claim capacity to Team Derby Runner. He did comment that is was quite tough due to very muddy conditions

Cannock Chase Trig Point Race

This race involves 500M (1500ft) of climb over 27K (around 16 miles) – it’s a course where you self navigate for the best route and a long distance so not for the faint hearted. Also as self navigating be prepared to do more than 16 miles!!


Paul Stevenson 3.30.08

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Weekly Report Monday 28/12/2015 to Sunday 03/01/2016

Weekly Report Monday 28/12/2015 to Sunday 03/01/2016

Friday 01/01

Mansfield Park Run (5K)

Robert Lane – 21.03 – Mansfield Park Run PB

Long Eaton Park Run (5K)


Paul S – 25.04 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
John Shiel – 28.57 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Neil – 31.09 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Hollybush Fun Run (2M)

Simon – 20.55

Not far this one but across some muddy fields!

Dave Denton’s Hangover Race (5M)


Brian – 35.51
Bushy – 48.05
Barry – 52.27

This is the only real race on New Years Day – Basically a big loop – 2.5M downhill and then 2.5M uphill – certainly gets you back into racing after the new year period!!!

Saturday 02/01

Darley Park Run (5K)


Brian – 22.00
Rob Lane – 24.09
Brendan – 24.56
George – 26.03
Bushy – 28.41
Simon – 30.18
Fiona – 32.32
Barry – 33.32
Neil – 34.02
This was the last Darley Park Run (for the time being) – as the ground needs to recover – we are hoping for an alternative to be found for our favourite Saturday Run shortly.

Long Eaton Park Run (5K)

Richard Webster – 22.43

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Pre Christmas Drinks 23/12/2015

On Wednesday the 23rd of December we meet in Derby City Centre for our annual Pre Christmas drinks celebrations. Just a get together to reminisce on hard work that we put in over the year before we take a well earned Chrismas Break :) Oh and yes Christmas jumpers are compulsory!























Santa 4

Santa 1

Santa 2

After 2

After 1

After 3

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Charity Cheque Presentation 2015

Charity Cheque Presentation 2015

On the 2nd of December 2015 we presented cheques to our two nominated charities. Following our successful 2015 10K Race we were able to donate money to two charities.

The British Heart Foundation whose mission is to win the fight against cardiovascular disease and our vision is a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease.

We support this charity following the passing of one of our member’s parents. This is to show our support/respect and appreciation for this member who also sponsors our annual Sinfin Classic 10K race through his business at M&D Engineering Ltd.

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) who are a type 1 diabetes charity who fund research to cure, treat and prevent type 1. They work with government, academia and industry to accelerate research in the UK and within healthcare policy to ensure that the outcomes of research are delivered to people with type 1 in the UK. They give support and a voice to people with type 1 and their families.

We support this charity as Fiona’s daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. Fiona avidly participates to raise money for the charity throughout the year at Marathons / Half Marathons and the odd charity evening. Other Sinfin Runners have also participated in Marathons to help support the cause.




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