Sinfin Pre Christmas Celebrations 20/12/2017

Wednesday 20/12/2017

Tis the Wednesday before Christmas and SRC tradition is to spend this evening drinking in Derby City Centre.

We don our best Christmas jumpers and make this a night to remember.

The evening starts around 7.30 in the Standing Order. Of course some get there earlier and some get there later.


We admire everyone’s attire and drink, take pictures and talk about running….

Group 2

Group 1


After more than enough time in The Standing Order we decided to move across the road to ‘The Bear’ in just about time before it closes and before some folks are off to get the last bus home.

Next we’re off to Jorrocks where there appears to be other people trying to outdo my suit.
BW and

Not keen on Jorrocks so myself, Julie, Ian and Clare head off to Walkabout.

Realising that no one in following us there we drink up and try and find where everyone’s gone. Mixed messages from the chat – is it The Bless or the new German bar that we had towards. Bless is nearest but can’t find anyone in there so the German Bar it is.

Yes – despite the drink we can find the bar and here’s most of the motley crew.

Grerman 1

German 5

German 3

German 2

Germa 4

After a pint in here i’ve had enough, got to go to work in the morning :O….
So time to leave, a kebab and then a taxi home. (Biggest Kebab ever – couldn’t even manage it all!!)

Apparently Woody and Spray went onto Pop World.

Jon I think went to the Bless (wasn’t in the German Bar) and then went onto the Flower Pot.

However, Spray was the last man standing…….

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Thunder Run 2017 – 22nd and 23rd July 2017

The Thunder Run is an annual 24-hour race held in the third week of July that starts at 12pm of Saturday and finishes at 12pm on. Runners run laps of 10K around a course at Catton Park., Walton on Trent, Derbyshire, DE12 8LN. This is a race that can be run solo, in pairs or in teams of 3-5 or 5-8.

Some of our members have done this previously and it is a well-known and very well organised event. As it’s 24hours people camp overnight and the camp site actually opens on the Friday afternoon so we normally have a couple of team members who arrive, scope and mark out a decent plot and then set up camp.

The organisation includes, all day hot food and catering, a fully marshalled and signed course, on-course water stations, toilet facilities, hot showers, Free camping all weekend for runners and spectators and priority camping if you are a solo runner.

There were also sports masseurs on hand for everyone (there was no fixed charges but small donation accepted). For spectators and hungry runners the event caterers were positioned trackside, near the start, serving throughout the event.

The course at Catton Park is multi terrain. It is a 10km cross-country circuit through the picturesque Staffordshire countryside. The track twists and turns across the varied terrain so you run from woodlands and trails to steep hills and open fields.


This is a great race to do and a feeling of great achievement after the race. As a team of 5 – normally 5 laps of 10K so a decent amount of running.
We managed to get three teams together for this race as follows

Sinfin Thunderdogs – Shaun Cooper, Fordy, Jim, Chris and Jon

Sinfin Thundercats – Clare, Michael, Simon, Sharon and Matt O

Seifin (Yes you’ve read that right – Matt Harris’s fault) – Sam Lander, Matt H, Brian, Rob Humber, Woody

You wouldn’t believe the problems we have trying to get teams together for races but for an event like this we seem to, remarkably, manage it quite well.

This year the race started okay but then it started raining at around 4pm and basically didn’t stop (well noticeably didn’t stop) until an hour before the end of the race.
The course got worse and worse each lap – there was less of a course to run on and more of a quagmire of mud. There was not a lot of places to overtake slower runners as most of the course was on a camber. This meant you could get past people but getting back onto a running line was nigh on impossible.

Around 3am there were a lot of physically ‘broken’ people out there. The weather got to them, unable to get dry, running in the dark through the rain and mud with head torches on was not much fun so some of the teams gave up and went home. We all stayed till the end but even by this time some of our team members had had enough with some not continuing to run.
The course got worse and in the end the course ended up being a narrow trail through sloppy mud on either side in most places!!

It was a sigh of relief for all when this finally finished, everyone was exhausted but managed to celebrate with a well-deserved drink.

If you asked – would be do it again next year, after this years’ experience the answer if definitely NO. Of course, a couple of weeks after we’ve mostly changed our minds and all looking forward to next year’s event.

Sam Lander 10K Laps 43.12, 47.09, 48.16, 58.55
Matt Harris 10K Laps 56.59, 56.29, 1.00.55, 1.14.06
Brian Warner 10K Laps 46.57, 51.33, 58.34, 1.00.50, 1.09.12
Rob Humber 10K Laps 57.17, 59.23, 1.07.14, 1.13.55
Paul Wood 10K Laps 56.34, 59.42, 1.05.52, 1.23.01, 2.00.57
Shaun Cooper 10K Laps 40.35, 40.55, 41.25, 1.01.02, 3.39.16
Richard Ford 10K Laps 50.49, 50.03, 52.22, 1.00.20
Jim Richardson 10K Laps 52.37, 54.27, 1.01.01, 1.12.00, 1.20.34
Chris Morrison 10K Laps 45.02, 46.56, 50.44,
Jon Evans 10K Laps 44.24, 44.48, 50.42, 1.00.15
Clare Harrison 10K Laps 51.08, 51.18, 56.31, 59.43 1.04.29
Michael Collins 10K Laps 54.38, 56.19, 1.03.02, 1.13.58, 1.14.11
Simon Bray 10K Laps 59.39, 57.55, 59.24, 1.01.34, 1.00.19, 1.17.18
Sharon Collins 10K Laps 53.25, 56.22, 1.09.49, 1.05.38
Matthew Orr 10K Laps 47.04, 52.42, 1.01.45, 1.21.36

You may notice that some of the laps seems to have taken some time. The reason for this is that Shaun took a break after his lap, had a kip and then resumed his last lap.

Other laps could be longer as a runner would finish – come back to the tent and then the next person would go to the start and set off. EG – my last lap is shown as 1.09.12. I did the lap around 6 minutes quicker than this as Paul came back to the tent and then I set off.

Pictures – I would like to show you some of the mud and the atrocious conditions but unfortunately such pictures are in little supply – guess the photographers were put off by the rain! I can assure you that I only ran one dry lap and then it started to rain.









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The Wilmot Wander – Sunday 29/01/2017 – ‘The Diary of a Broken Man’

As Dean, Spray and Simon had entered this race as part of their training plan for a 100 miler later in the year I decided to show them my support by also entering the Wilmot Wander. Why not, I thought, as I had nothing better to do. Of course I wasn’t prepared to do it on my own so I decided to get Rex and Bren to be part of my dynamic team. To be honest I thought this would be a breeze as it’s just really a jog around 32 miles of scenic countryside in winter so how bad could it possibly be?

It’s a course that takes you from the Scout Hut in Chadd, through Chadd Park, Up Morley Road then across to Locko Park, to Stanley then over to Morley, over to Little Eaton, then to Duffied, Quarndon, Mackworth, Radbourne, Mickleover, Burnaston, Over the A38, Findern, Stenson, Swarkestone, then up the cycle path from there all the way back to the Scout Hut in Chadd.

The starting times are staggered in this race but as ours were only 8 minutes apart the Sinfin massive all decided to set off together. So began our jaunt with the addition of Jason and his dog (Wilson). I do think they knew I would need the support to be honest as I have done a marathon before but was not ready for the 8 extra miles.

The weather was quite kind to us, for the time of year, but the terrain was hilly and rough with a lot of mud – it’s fields! – what did I expect!!! Don’t get me wrong, it was muddy but not as bad as when I got drunk at Glastonbury and fell in the mud face first (now that was muddy). Those 8 extra miles made all the difference and it hurt my legs a lot. I was swearing and moaning for all 8 of those miles and if it wasn’t for my friends around me I would of stopped and beat a cow or sheep up just to make myself feel a little bit better. At one stage I even contemplated jumping in the canal but Jim (who joined us part way round) told me not too as I would go in to hypothetic shock. Jim was the voice of reason as he’s been there and done the Wilmot Wander before – he tells me he knows the pain when cramp sets in! When I finished I got a bowl of soup and a certificate. What I personally would of liked would have been a red carpet into the Scout hut with maybe a trumpet guard of honour.

Despite all of this it was an amazing day with a great bunch of lads who were totally awesome and I am glad I did it with you guys.

Would I recommend it – yes – any day of the week BUT have some good mates with you to get you through it.

Report by Richard Webster (Potter)

As a ‘side note’ there is another report from Rex who ran the race and is as follows —-

On the 29th January I faced one off my biggest but most enjoyable challenges which was to run the Wilmot Wander.

It was an extremely long and tiring event but I had Spray, Dean, Brenden, Simon, Jason and Potter that kept me focused, despite Potter tantrums! and not forgetting Wilson the dog, who led us all the way.

The weather was kind to us on the day but mud and puddles made the run even more difficult. The checkpoints were very welcomed and I lost count of the amount of biscuits I stuffed my face with.

We faced many challenges on the 6hr and 24 minutes run including hills to steep to run up and down and I will never forget the moment we had to cross the A38 – now that was bloody scary!

We did win the trophy for the fastest team but it is a run that I will never forget or attempt again!!

Richard Record (Rex)


Wilmot Wander Results 2017


























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Sinfin Running Club Dinner/Dance/Presentation Evening Saturday 21/01/2017

Sinfin Running Club Dinner/Dance/Presentation Evening Saturday 21/01/2017

That time of the year again when we celebrate all of our achievements. Time to dress up and get pissed (it’s a club motto!!!)

This year the event was held at The Farmhouse (in the Folly Room) at Mackworth (formerly the Mackworth Hotel). This of course is a little way out for most of us but luckily there is a Premier Inn 300 yards from the venue so plenty took advantage of staying there for a cheap night sleep rather than getting taxis to and from the venue.

It is a very good venue, brilliant food, music and of course alcohol so a big thank you to all the staff there and well worth checking out if you have some kind of do that you have to arrange. :)

After the event finished at around 12pm some club members went onto the Casino. They then took a trip to the obligatory kebab shop, of course one three course meal in an evening is NOT enough. 😛


Fell Running Champion
1st – Paul Stevenson
2nd – Caroline Scott
3rd – Simon Bray


Male Cross Country Champion
1st – Brian Warner
2nd – Simon Bray
3rd – Chris Morrison


Female Cross Country Champion
1st – Helen Ripley
2nd – Mary Goad (I hope i’ve spelt that right Mary !!!)
3rd – Caroline Scott


Regrettably Mary was not there on the evening :(

Male Road Running Champion
1st – Brian Warner
2nd – Brendan Devlin
3rd – Michael Collins


Female Road Running Champion
1st – Clare Harrison
2nd – Sharon Collins
3rd – Fiona Finnegan


Male Performance of the Year
Neil Barnes

Regrettably Neil could not make the evening either :(

Female Performance of the Year
Fiona Finnegan


Club Person of the Year
Chris Morrison


Evening drinking photos
































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Lamb’s Longer Leg Fell Race 15/01/2017

The first ‘champs’ race of the Sinfin fell running year for 2017 was Lamb’s Longer Leg on Sunday 15th Jan. Twas a pre-entry only race, with 5.4km of distance and 290 meters of climb this is an ‘A Short’ course. Meeting at the Lamb Inn with the start a 800m jog down the road towards Chinley. With an ‘M’ shaped profile, the first climb begins right off the start line with the finish enjoying the opposite action. As far as we know, this is the first time anyone from the club has attended this particular race, although it’s been going since 2003.

As for the race itself; epic. Bona-fide fell course; full-kit was mandated, tough & varied terrain, difficult weather, clag down. It was a belter. Everyone had a great time and got round safely. Then straight into the Lamb Inn for a pint (or cup of tea). What’s more, Caroline won the ladies v45.

The next champs race will be Hoppit’s Hill on 29th Feb.

Graham has already entered the results into the champs spreadsheet and I’ve extracted them. We won’t share this detail after every race but since it’s a new concept it’s only fair to give people a feel at the start for how this might pan out over the year. So for those interested:

Trev – 47th – 41m02s – 174pts – (2nd)
Caroline – 51st – 42m35s – 164pts – (1st)
Fordy – 57th – 43m53s – 192pts – (4th)
Simon – 66th – 47m29s – 202pts – (5th)
Paul – 68th – 48m21s – 179pts – (3rd)
Mat – 72nd – 54m34s – 243pts – (6th)

Notes regarding the new points system: You can see the age and gender adjustments working well; although I finished ahead of Paul by over 7 minutes, I only ended up with 5pts fewer. I was ahead of Caroline by over a minute and a half but she’s still 10pts better off. Simon was on semi-cruise so his pts are higher than they might have been on another day. This all ‘feels’ about right.

Remember, it’s a long year and race attendance will pay dividends (for various reasons), especially for those who might not be quite as good vs quicker runners who only do a handful of events. However, the bottom line is, just enjoy it.


Lambs profile



Lambs Longer Leg 2017

Caroline’s Prize



LLL Pub 2017

Report by T Hibbert

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Sinfin Running Club Xmas Night out 2016

Sinfin Running Club Xmas Night out 2016

The annually anticipated xmas night out was on Wednesday the 21st of December 2016. This is our excuse not to run on our traditional training night but to go out and relax before the Christmas break with a few drinks and sporting our xmas jumpers 😛

Sorry – we are a bit lacking in photos over everyone that was there – think we were just too busy talking and drinking :)









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Running Round Up until the End of December 2016

Sorry – been a bit slack with the reports recently, again!!

The following are the last 3 Club Road Championship races and results

Worksop Half Marathon Sunday 30/10/2016

This is typically quite a good race to get a PB on despite it being an undulating course. You run out to Clumber Park, around Clumber Park and then loop round to the finish.

This year they changed the start of the race so we ran and returned to the Outland Academy Portland which is on Sparken Hill. This confused some of the regular runners, who seemed to think that we would be starting from the normal start at the Town Hall so we started some 15 minutes later. A little annoying as everyone had warmed up ready and then had to warm up again. Anyway – apart from this the venue was a lot better – there was loads of room which the eveny needed as it becomes more and more popular every year.



Name Time
Dan Wilson 1.29.31
Chris Worthington 1.29.31
Brian Warner 1.35.38
Brendan Devlin 1.36.58
Clare Harrison 1.40.36
Richard Sims 1.44.55
Richard Webster 1.45.57
Richard Humber 2.00.36
Michael Collins 2.06.35
Richard Fildes 2.28.39

A special note of congratulations goes to Michael Collins who ran even though his feet were bandaged following the removal of tow nails – nah – you just don’t want to see the picture!!!

Heanor Pud Run Sunday 20/11/2016

The return of the Pud is always welcomed as this is a great little and well supported race. This year it was the 30th running of the event so at the end everyone got the xmas pud (proper size) and also a technical t-shirt which was bright orange so useful for those winter nights runs.

It was another coldish day, always is at this event due to the time it is ran, and followed quite a bit of rain overnight – luckily the rain held off further during the race. The route has changed from the mainly road starting route so that you go out, past the Walkers factor and then you loop back into the park and round some of the trails so it is a little muddy but not overly muddy despite the rain overnight, although saying that it might have been muddier further back in the field 😛



Name Time
Jason Ball 40.05
Chris Morrison 42.44
Brendan Devlin 43.41
Brian Warner 44.27
Clare Harrison 46.14
Matthew Orr 52.45
Jemma Woods 52.51
Helen Ripley 53.20
Sharon Collins 55.02
Michael Collins 55.02
Neil Barnes 59.45
Richard Fildes 1.08.21

Keyworth Turkey Trot Sunday 11/11/2016

This is a regular fixture on our calendar but not the easiest of races to get into as it sells out within hours of opening. In addition to this there is also the Bolsover 10K which is held on the same day so some of the club members entered that instead when they failed to get into this race.

The route is quite demanding with a nasty climb between miles 2 and 3 and then the final 3/4 of a mile is uphill into the estate and back to the school. Strangely though this is also quite a good race where PB’s seem possible.

Again another coldish day, not as cold as it has been in previous years when I have done it, but again it is just simply because of the time of year the race is run.



Name Time
Ken Tomlinson 1.23.26
Clare Harrison 1.40.37
Brian Warner 1.41.28
Neil Barnes 2.06.53
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Golden Gates Gallop 09/10/2016

Golden Gates Gallop 09/10/2016

The Golden Gates Gallop is an annual event on our list of races. However, this year it was run in October rather than September so it clashed with the Derby City Half Marathon race. Additionally the lack of information / late published information about the race didn’t help it’s cause to attract the number of runners that this normally would of done.

It is a 5 mile race of basically two laps of a course in Elvaston castle – it takes a reverse route of some of the familiar races around Elvaston Castle (our race route and the Tara Kinder route) with a little run down to the A6 from the Golden Gates on the first of the laps. This does help you see how you are doing and who is chasing you down!!

The day was cold in the shade but warm in otherwise and fairly hot whilst racing :)


Name Position Time
Spray 4th 30.36
Jason 5th 30.40
Brian 12th 34.45
Clare 1st Lady 35.51

Great results for our club at this one. Shelton took the top 3 spots but we then took 4th and 5th with Clare taking the 1st lady prize (get in!!!).


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Air Ambulance Cheque Presentation 05/10/2016

Charity Cheque Presentation

On Wednesday the 5th of October 2016 we presented a cheque for £300 to Louise and Alan Grimadell who where there to collect this on behalf of the Air Ambulance Service. This was our contribution to charity from funds raised at our 2016 Sinfin Classic 10K Race.

Louise gave a talk to our members and explained about the invaluable work that the Air Ambulance service provide. They do not received any government funding and rely on donations to fund their activities.





Thank You Sinfin Running Club

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The Shelton Striders 10K – Sunday 2nd of October 2016.

Shelton Striders 10K

Sunday 2nd of October 2016.

The annual Shelton Striders race kicked off at 9.45 on the Sunday morning of the 2nd of October.

After a night of rain the weather turned quite gloriously sunny and made perfect running conditions.

Route – The race takes you down the canal path and then you are directed to turn right trough the estate and onto Sinfin Avenue. Before you come to the end of Sinfin Avenue you turn left through the estate to end up on Merril Way which you follow round into Wilmore Road. You follow Wilmore Road until you turn up and past Derby Golf Club but then head out down Shakespeare Street to Sinfin lane which you then follow. Continue over the roundabout and follow the track past the other side of Sinfin Park and keep going until you eventually turn left back onto the canal path and follow this to the finish.

The race was, as always, well organised and marshalled and despite the new road cutting though the course at two points there was no disruption and everything ran smoothly.


Spray – 38.59
Jason – 39.04
Brendan – 42.57
Brian – 44.03
Clare – 45.00
Fordy – 45.05
Richard R – 46.33
Jim – 54.21
Helen – 54.21
Jemma – 55.22
Neil – 57.59

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