Cross Country

Our Cross Country league runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. We are currently in two Cross country Leagues which are the Saturday North Midlands XC League where the ladies races start at 1.55pm and the mens races start at 2.20pm and the East Midlands XC leagure where the races start at 11am. In addion to these races we also include the Derbyshire CX Championships Race, The National CX Championship Race, The Wollaton Park Easter Race and the Dovedale Dash.

We are always looking for similar cross country type races so if you know or any more or any fitting local Park Runs let us know.

Present position as of 26/10/2018

cross country championship 2018 (26 10 18)

2018 Fixture list

06/01/2018 – Derbyshire XC Championships – Shipley Park
07/01/2018 – East Midlands – Bramcote Park
13/01/2018 – North Midlands – Wollaton Park
28/01/2018 – East Midlands – Colwick Woods
18/02/2018 – East Midlands – Trent Meadows
24/02/2018 – National XC Championships – Parliment Hill
02/04/2018 – Easter 10K – Wollaton Park
13/10/2018 – North Midlands – Markeaton
04/11/2018 – Dovedale Dash
10/11/2018 – North Midlands – Kettering
01/12/2018 – North Midlands – Shipley Park

2019 Fixture list
05/01/2019 – Derbyshire XC Championships – Wollaton Park
12/01/2019 – North Midlands – Wollaton Park
23/02/2019 – National XC Championship – Leeds

2017 Final XC results are as follows——–

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2016 Final XC results are as follows——–



The Cross Country Club Championship was, until 2014, based on our winter month activities in the East Midlands and North Midlands X/C Leagues and the Derbyshire XC Championship and the National XC Championship races. We have always struggled to get people in numbers to these races, however since the Darley Park Run started in April 2013 we have consistently had a lot of our runners support this event and turn up on a weekly basis. So from 2014 it was decided to include additional Park Run results (during the winter period) into our Cross Country Championship and have the results from the start of the year till the end of the year with additional Park Run races included. This should help to add extra interest in Cross Country and spice up the results.

Rules for Cross Country Championships 2016.

The Championship will be competed for in 2 sections 1 Jan – 31 Mar & 18 Sept – 31 Dec 2015 and comprise a total of 20 races. (4 x NMXC, 4 x EMXC, County XC, National XC & 10 Parkruns)
To Qualify for the Championships an individual’s final score must include at least 2 results in total from the NMXC and/or EMXC series of races.
Mens and Ladies results will score separately.
NM & EM Cross Country Races – first home will score max 20 points then 19,18 etc.
Double points will be awarded for the Derbyshire County Championships and National X/C races.
Parkrun results, from Darley only, will be based on highest age related %, irrespective of overall position, to score max (20) points then 19,18 etc.
Dates of Parkrun races may differ from those initially published if they clash with other races.
All nominated races in X/C and Parkrun to count.

2015 Results

cross country championship 2015

2014 Results

cross new2

2012/13 Results:

Cross Country 2013 results

2011/12 Results:

Cross Country Club Championship Results

EM CX Results 2011-2012

2010/11 Results:

East Midlands X/C League (LINK NOT WORKING)