Club Championship

As a club we have certain races that we use to define who are the Male + Female best performing Club members.

2018 Road Championship details……

The date shown is the published date or the date 2017 date if I can’t find the a 2018 date yet….

    5 Milers

Alsager 04/02/18
Weston 04/03/18 *
Worthington 11/04/17
Beeston 24/05/17
Long Eaton CANCELLED in 2017 – last ran 11/09/16
Golden Gates 08/10/17

Best results from 2 of them


Fradley 11/03/18
Derby 15/04/18
Chatsworth 29/04/18
Asda Notts 10K 27/05/18
Colin Potter 07/07/17
Tara Kinder 14/07/17
RR Piggs T 09/08/17
Burton 10K 13/08/17
Wilne 02/09/18
S Striders 01/10/17
Heanor Pud 19/11/17
Bolsover 10/12/17

Best results from 5 of them

    10 Milers

Burton 21/05/17
Notts 16/06/17
Chesterfield 01/07/18
Brooksies 16/07/17
Double or Q 24/08/17
Derby 12/11/17

Best results from 2 of them

    Half Marathons

Great Northern 18/03/18
Loughborough 08/04/18
Ramathon 03/06/18
Ashbourne 08/07/18
Robin Hood 30/09/18
Worksop 29/10/17

Best results from 2 of them


Best result of the your marathon time throughout the year



Club Championship 2017 ( Road Races listing of qualifying races )

Please note the following as received by email from Graham. (i have changed some of the wording)

I have revamped the listing, as below, for the list of 2017 Road Races that attribute towards the Club Championship. This is to enable you guys to be able to get into some of these races as sometimes they fill up pretty quickly.

The format will remain unchanged with the same number of races to be scored but there is a wider choice of races. There will be date duplication’s both with this selection and other Championship programmes but the permitted choice should give plenty of opportunity to complete the required number of races.

5 Milers (2 to count)

Golden Gates
Long Eaton (cancelled for 2017)

10K ( 5 to count)

Colin Potter
RR Piggs Trophy
Tara Kinder

10 Milers (2 to count)

Chesterfield Spire
Double or Quits

Half Marathon (2 to count)

Great Northern
Robin Hood
Turkey Trot

Full Marathon (1 to count)

To remain as open, all races to count. We record the individuals best Marathon time over the year and award points at year end based on fastest to slowest time. So, if an individual does 4 marathons then we check each one and keep a record of best time.

Following are lists of the races

In length and alphabetical order (this one also includes links to the websites)

In Month order

Current position as of 10/09/2017

club championship 2017


2016 FINAL results


Rules for Club Road Championships 2016.

The Championship will comprise the best results from the following –
There are 22 races plus any Marathon to choose from. Only 12 results are needed to count.
Your actual time will be converted into a percentage using an “age grading race predictor”.
Mens and Ladies results will score separately.
Highest % per race will gain max (20) points then 19, 18 etc.
The best 5 points total from 10 races @ 10k (max 100 points)
The best 2 points total from 5 races @ 5 mile (max 40 points)
The best 2 points total from 4 races at 10 mile (max 40 points
The best 2 points total from 4 races at ½ marathon (max 40 points)
The best marathon time over the year. (max 20 points)
The use of the age grading race predictor should help all ages to compete on a more even playing field.

The FULL 2016 list of races are :-

5 Mile Races
Weston 5,
Club 5m Handicap,
Long Eaton 5,
Double or Quits 5m,
Golden Gates.

10K Races
Derby 10K,
Club Handicap 10K,
Colin Potter,
Tara Kinder,
Castle Rock (Jagermiester),
Burton 10K,
Striders 10K,
Heanor Pud.

10 Mile Races
Burton 10M,
Notts 10m,
Chesterfield 10m,
Double or Quits 10m.

Half Marathon Races
Ramathon 1/2,
Great Northern 1/2,
Worksop 1/2,
Turkey Trot 1/2.

Any, or best, Full Marathon time


2015 Results

club championship 2015


The 2014 details

Day Date Name
Sunday 09/03/2014 Weston 5
Sunday 06/04/2014 Derby 10K
Sunday 18/05/2014 Burton 10 Miler
Wednesday 28/05/2014 Trent 5 Miler
Sunday 08/06/2014 Ramathon
Friday 04/07/2014 Colin Potter 10K
Friday 18/07/2014 Tara Kinder 10K
Sunday 20/07/2014 Long Eaton 5M
Friday 01/08/2014 Jaggermeister 10K
Wednesday 06/08/2014 Rolls Royce 10K
Saturday 30/08/2014 Double or Quit 5M or 10M
Sunday 31/08/2014 Burton Belvedere 10K
Sunday 07/09/2014 Wilne 10K
Sunday 21/09/2014 Golden Gates 5
Sunday 05/10/2014 Shelton Striders 10K
Sunday 26/10/2014 Worksop 1/2
Sunday 23/11/2014 Heanor 10K (Pud Run)
Sunday 14/12/2014 Keyworth Turkey Trot 1/2

2014 FINAL spreadsheet

2014 NEW CC – corrected


2013 Club championship spreadsheet

Men ladies Final Campionship 2013

2012 Club championship spreadsheet

Championship 2012

PLEASE NOTE – 12/01/2014 – Still trying to get hold of the final 2012 Spreadsheet !!

2011 Club Championship results

Finalised Championship 2011 chart