Pre Christmas Drinks – Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Pre Christmas Drinks – Wednesday 19th of December 2018

We usually run on Wednesday evenings but tradition has it that this shall stop on the Wednesday before Christmas.

On this day there is only one thing to do.

Congregate in Derby town centre and drink looking as foolish as possible in our Christmas Jumpers or anything else Christmassy (think my outfit is overdue a change for next year…..)

This is a very popular social event with most of the club turning up. Not sure why – are we a running club or drinking club? – it is hard to tell sometimes ?

We initially meet at the Standing Order at 7.30pm (again that is the traditional spot to start from). The drinks start to flow until someone eventually decides we should move on to find a place where there will be music and the opportunity to maybe get on the dance floor (depending on how drunk one gets)

So we moved onto the Slug and Lettuce (!). After a couple in there time to move on again.

So off to Revolution (as far as I can remember). #I always find it’s good to choose another venue where the toilets are a million miles away again. :O

The final stop is the evening was ‘Fever’ – don’t think we even had to pay to get in – could be wrong of course.

Me and Rob bailed out about 12.30ish to get a taxi whilst some of the more hardcore runners stayed out longer.

Rob did manage to nearly get into a fight with a young lady at the taxi rank but luckily I calmed the situation down…

Overall a great evening was had by all. Big shout out to Scopey – good to see you out with us.

Below are the photo’s

Not many this year – there are not many on social media and we didn’t even manage to get a group photo. We’ll have to assign an official photographer next year – mind you will that mean that they won’t be drinking :O





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