Liverpool Half Marathon 25/03/2018 (Part of Potters Stag Weekend)

Liverpool Half Marathon 25/03/2018 (Part of Potters Stag Weekend)

As a club we like to celebrate those that are about to ‘sign up’ for married life with a BIG send off so the combination of a run and a weekend away was too good to resist for some of our club members.

After months of planning the weekend was there which basically involved drinking on the Saturday before running a Half Marathon with a hangover the day after and then celebrating running a half marathon with an afternoon/evening of drinking.  Those staying on the Sunday night then have a few more beers before returning home.

As regards to the race – the half marathon times were as shocking as the hangovers but the boys did manage to find a pub at 10miles to get a swift pint in.

Everyone had a fabulous time and the boys have commented that pubs in Liverpool were amazing and the Liverpool people were brilliant. Everyone loved the outfits and made our group of guys very welcome – a big thumbs up to Liverpool – quality city and quality people.

Big shout out to…….

Potter – he loved it (as he wood)

Jason – who made the weekend but not the race itself.


Liverpool – highly recommended by all as a fun city to visit.

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