Sinfin Running Club Dinner / Dance / Presentation Evening 20/01/2018

Sinfin Running Club Dinner / Dance / Presentation Evening 20/01/2018

Time once again to celebrate our achievements throughout 2017.

The format is quite simple – we gather for a meal, start getting drunk, give out awards and then get more drunk (at the later stages most are so drunk that they dance – well that’s apparently what it is called).

We returned again this year to the Farmhouse Near Mackworth, where we have our ‘do’ in the Folly – which is downstairs and out of the way of the other drinkers (presume they know that we can get quite rowdy!)

Pre-drinks upstairs begin at 7pm – well we call it pre-drinks but I got there around 7.15 so gave up the ghost queuing for drinks till we could get to our own bar.
We wander downstairs at 7.30 and it’s brilliant – our own bar – time to get a well-earned drink in…

We are seated at 7.45 ready to eat. I say seated – think they had to ask us three times before most were seated – us runners – so much to discuss..

It’s a three-course menu so tables are served one by one but we don’t have to wait too long for the next course until we’ve finally had our bellies filled. Must say – the apple crumble was a bit overly crumble and with ice cream it was a little hard to eat.

After we’ve all finished and had another beer it’s awards time at around 9.30.


I did get some photos but due to an initial camera error missed some of the initial pictures….

Male Cross-Country Champion

  • 1st Brian Warner
  • 2nd Brendan Devlin
  • 3rd Chris Morrison

(From the races ran so far it looks like Brian won’t be retaining this trophy next year)

Female Cross-Country Champion

  • 1st Caroline Scott
  • 2nd Helen Ripley
  • 3rd Clare Harrison






Male Road Running Champion

  • 1st Jason Ball
  • 2nd Brian Warner
  • 3rd Brendan Devlin

(Brendan would’ve been up to 2nd but the last 2017 race was called off due to the weather)

IMG_6456 IMG_6455IMG_6454





Female Road Running Champion

  • 1st Sharon Collins
  • 2nd Clare Harrison
  • 3rd Fiona Finnegan

IMG_6467 IMG_6463 IMG_6461





Fell Running Champion

  • 1st Caroline Scott
  • 2nd Trevor Hibbert
  • 3rd Paul Stevenson

(Brian was in 4th place and only just behind Paul)

IMG_6451 IMG_6450 IMG_6448





Best Female Performance

  • Sharon Collins






Best Male Performance

  • Chris Morrison






Club Person of the Year

  • Sharon Collins






Special notes of thanks to:

Clare, for organising the event






Mick George for all he does for the club and to also mention that her celebrated his 75th birthday over Christmas.






With the awards and speech’s over it was back to the drinking and then onto the dancing.

Photo opportunity of the night –

Someone managed to bust Clare’s bottle of red wine but we did make the most of it before the staff managed to quite successfully clear up the mess..

IMG-20180121-WA0004 IMG-20180121-WA0013





Award for the best dancing goes to Jim. The video is a classic – even Shazza has gotta be impressed with the one.. Although to be fair the later ones of Rex and Jon are pretty good…

Starting to flag I eventually left at around 11.30 – had to get back to the hotel where I had left Julie with the flu. She would have loved to have been there but was too ill to make it. Missed a treat of a night ?

I’m not sure what everyone else did but do know that some ended up in town. Dunno how – I’m sure most people were much the worse for wear when I left.

Interesting drive home in the morning in the snow – couldn’t believe how much of it was on the roads. Good news now is that is that it was mostly gone by the end of the day.

Happy days, happy hang overs…

Other pics:

IMG-20180121-WA0003 IMG-20180121-WA0005 IMG-20180121-WA0006 IMG-20180121-WA0007 IMG-20180121-WA0008 IMG-20180121-WA0009 IMG-20180121-WA0021 IMG-20180121-WA0019 IMG-20180121-WA0018 IMG-20180121-WA0017 IMG-20180121-WA0016 IMG-20180121-WA0015 IMG-20180121-WA0014 IMG-20180121-WA0012

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