Sinfin Pre Christmas Celebrations 20/12/2017

Wednesday 20/12/2017

Tis the Wednesday before Christmas and SRC tradition is to spend this evening drinking in Derby City Centre.

We don our best Christmas jumpers and make this a night to remember.

The evening starts around 7.30 in the Standing Order. Of course some get there earlier and some get there later.


We admire everyone’s attire and drink, take pictures and talk about running….

Group 2

Group 1


After more than enough time in The Standing Order we decided to move across the road to ‘The Bear’ in just about time before it closes and before some folks are off to get the last bus home.

Next we’re off to Jorrocks where there appears to be other people trying to outdo my suit.
BW and

Not keen on Jorrocks so myself, Julie, Ian and Clare head off to Walkabout.

Realising that no one in following us there we drink up and try and find where everyone’s gone. Mixed messages from the chat – is it The Bless or the new German bar that we had towards. Bless is nearest but can’t find anyone in there so the German Bar it is.

Yes – despite the drink we can find the bar and here’s most of the motley crew.

Grerman 1

German 5

German 3

German 2

Germa 4

After a pint in here i’ve had enough, got to go to work in the morning :O….
So time to leave, a kebab and then a taxi home. (Biggest Kebab ever – couldn’t even manage it all!!)

Apparently Woody and Spray went onto Pop World.

Jon I think went to the Bless (wasn’t in the German Bar) and then went onto the Flower Pot.

However, Spray was the last man standing…….

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