Furnace Inn Race 26/12/2017

Boxing day 2017 saw the return of the Furnace Inn Race.

This is an annual race organised by Shelton Striders with the proceeds going to charity. For SRC this proves to be a popular fun race, especially after pigging out all day the day before, and ideal so you can have a sneaky pint afterwards. Fancy dress is not compulsory but some do participate 🙂

The route this year was a little different due to the flood defence work going on near the pub. It started with an extra sneaky climb from the pub before running through the mud of Darley Park and then around the standard course and eventually back down the route you started from. I clocked at 3.31 miles rather than the usual 2.75 miles course.



Name Position Time
Rob Lane 25th 22.27
Trevor Hibbert 33rd 23.14
Brian Warner 42nd 24.12
Caroline Scott 68th 26.08
Sharon Collins 120th 30.31
Graham Young 121st 30.32
Michael Collins 122nd 30.36
Helen Ripley 123rd 30.36
Fiona Finnegan 125th 30.38
Paul Stevenson 127th 30.39
Ivy Sunday 135th 31.01
Julie Heithus 151st 31.57
Julie Muggleton 156th 32.09
Joanne Allenton 157th 32.11
Barry Boole 192nd 34.37
Neil Barnes 193rd 34.47
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