The Wilmot Wander – Sunday 29/01/2017 – ‘The Diary of a Broken Man’

As Dean, Spray and Simon had entered this race as part of their training plan for a 100 miler later in the year I decided to show them my support by also entering the Wilmot Wander. Why not, I thought, as I had nothing better to do. Of course I wasn’t prepared to do it on my own so I decided to get Rex and Bren to be part of my dynamic team. To be honest I thought this would be a breeze as it’s just really a jog around 32 miles of scenic countryside in winter so how bad could it possibly be?

It’s a course that takes you from the Scout Hut in Chadd, through Chadd Park, Up Morley Road then across to Locko Park, to Stanley then over to Morley, over to Little Eaton, then to Duffied, Quarndon, Mackworth, Radbourne, Mickleover, Burnaston, Over the A38, Findern, Stenson, Swarkestone, then up the cycle path from there all the way back to the Scout Hut in Chadd.

The starting times are staggered in this race but as ours were only 8 minutes apart the Sinfin massive all decided to set off together. So began our jaunt with the addition of Jason and his dog (Wilson). I do think they knew I would need the support to be honest as I have done a marathon before but was not ready for the 8 extra miles.

The weather was quite kind to us, for the time of year, but the terrain was hilly and rough with a lot of mud – it’s fields! – what did I expect!!! Don’t get me wrong, it was muddy but not as bad as when I got drunk at Glastonbury and fell in the mud face first (now that was muddy). Those 8 extra miles made all the difference and it hurt my legs a lot. I was swearing and moaning for all 8 of those miles and if it wasn’t for my friends around me I would of stopped and beat a cow or sheep up just to make myself feel a little bit better. At one stage I even contemplated jumping in the canal but Jim (who joined us part way round) told me not too as I would go in to hypothetic shock. Jim was the voice of reason as he’s been there and done the Wilmot Wander before – he tells me he knows the pain when cramp sets in! When I finished I got a bowl of soup and a certificate. What I personally would of liked would have been a red carpet into the Scout hut with maybe a trumpet guard of honour.

Despite all of this it was an amazing day with a great bunch of lads who were totally awesome and I am glad I did it with you guys.

Would I recommend it – yes – any day of the week BUT have some good mates with you to get you through it.

Report by Richard Webster (Potter)

As a ‘side note’ there is another report from Rex who ran the race and is as follows —-

On the 29th January I faced one off my biggest but most enjoyable challenges which was to run the Wilmot Wander.

It was an extremely long and tiring event but I had Spray, Dean, Brenden, Simon, Jason and Potter that kept me focused, despite Potter tantrums! and not forgetting Wilson the dog, who led us all the way.

The weather was kind to us on the day but mud and puddles made the run even more difficult. The checkpoints were very welcomed and I lost count of the amount of biscuits I stuffed my face with.

We faced many challenges on the 6hr and 24 minutes run including hills to steep to run up and down and I will never forget the moment we had to cross the A38 – now that was bloody scary!

We did win the trophy for the fastest team but it is a run that I will never forget or attempt again!!

Richard Record (Rex)


Wilmot Wander Results 2017


























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