Rolls Royce Piggs Trophy 10K – Wednesday 7.00pm – 3rd of August 2016

Rolls Royce Piggs Trophy 10K

Wednesday 7.00pm – 3rd of August 2016

This is an annual race that our club attends in large numbers especially as is counts on our Road Running Club Championship Calendar, it is also this year additionally our 10K Club Championship Handicap race and it is also run on a Wednesday night which is our club run night as well.

The race is organised by Rolls Royce Harriers with the race headquarters at the Mickleover Football club ground. The race starts nearby and heads out across the country roads and then back up the cycle path to Mickleover. Everybody quite likes the country road section but the cycle path section is 4K, slightly uphill, and seems to really drag.


The main results are given in the Mickleover Football Club bar after the race. Strangley SRC always seem to be the last club to leave the bar (seems like every Wednesday evening training session :O )


Ateyeb Yasin – 35.12 – 1st
Dan Wilson – 37.36 – 6th
Ken Tomllinson – 38.07 – 7th – 1st V40
Dean Bethell – 39.09 – 8th – 2nd V40
James Spray – 39.09 – 9th
Brian Warner – 41.58
Robert Lane – 43.56
Brendan Devlin – 44.02
Clare Harrison – 45.00 – 1st FV35
George Kataria – 46.45
Richard Sims – 46.52
Michael Collins – 47.15
Sharon Collins – 47.42
Zakria Mohammed – 47.59
Fiona Finnegan – 50.07
Lucy Goss – 50.52
Matt Harris – 50.58
John Shiel – 52.34
Barry Boole – 59.08
Richard Fildes – 1.05.36

Overall – fantastic results –

Sinfin RC with 5 in the first 9 finishers ?

There was a pretty good selection of prizes for us as well.

Ateyab who was 1st overall
Ken who was the first MV40,
Dean who was the 2nd V40
Clare who was the 1st FV35.

10K Handicap Results

This is calculated on the last 10K ran and the results were as follows

Name – Handicap – Time Ran – Diff +/-

Neil – 66.00 – 61.15 (-4.45)
Lucy – 52.00 – 50.52 (-1.08)
Brian – 43.01 – 41.58 (-1.03)
Clare – 46.04 – 45.10 (-0.56)
Fiona – 50.59 – 50.07 (-0.52)
Shazza – 48.09 – 47.42 (-0.27)
Dan – 37.53 – 37.36 (-0.17)
Rob Lane – 43.54 – 43.56 (+0.02)
Brendan – 43.53 – 44.02 (+0.09)
Ken – 37.47 – 38.07 (+0.20)
Ateyeb – 34.34 – 35.12 (+0.38)
Mikey – 46.26 – 47.14 (+0.48)
James – 38.00 – 39.09 (+1.09)
Deano – 38.00 – 39.09 (+1.09)
George – 45.00 – 46.45 (+1.45)
Barry – 55.57 – 59.03 (+3.06)
Rich Sims – 41.00 – 46.52 (+5.52)
(Just got John’s details missing)

Pre-Race Photos








Race Photos















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Latest News will be back up and running shortly after the Rolls Royce Piggs Race

Sorry guys – been neglecting the website for a while but will be back on it shortly.

We’ll get the RR Piggs Trophy race out of the way (hopefully we will get some prizes) and i’ll get a report and some pictures up (think Chris will be there with his camera).

Then I should be able to resume reports weekly :)

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Report for Monday 29/02/2016 to Sunday 06/03/2016

Saturday 05/03/2016


Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Marvin – 18.58 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Neil – 29.07


Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) – 5K


Ateyeb – 17.35 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB – 1st Place

Chris – 20.20 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

Brian – 21.17

Brendan – 22.31

George – 23.52

Michael C – 23.54 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

Mary Winter – 25.09 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

John Bush – 25.39

Sharon – 25.44 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB

Julie M – 27.31

Julie C – 27.27

Fiona – 27.38

Graham – 27.32

Zakria – 28.00 – Darley Park Run (at Markeaton) PB


Sunday 06/03/2016


Ruchcliffe 10K


Rob Lane – 43.25


Great Northern Half

This is a relatively new event and the first time that a half option has been available. There were a few teething issues such as the muddy car park and no official times for those who entered on the day which was a little disappointing as it was a chip timed event. In addition to this is was a very cold day :(


Mick McGinty – 1.16.30 – 3rd

Marv – 1.31.08

Spray – 1.31.08

Brian – 1.34.37

Richard W – 1.39.00

Neil – 2.14.44


Newport to Burton Ultra  – 41 miles

Don’t know much about this one apart from it’s a bloomin long way!


Jason – 6.35.15


Bluebell Fell Race – 7.4K

A Dave Denton race which has some very fast and narrow down hill sections plus some long climbs! – if it’s the one I’m thinking of!



Trev – 51.32

Paul S – 52.04

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Report for Monday 22/02/2016 to Sunday 28/02/2016

Saturday 27/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Paul S – 25.58

Graham – 26.22 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Neil Barnes – 28.40


National Cross Country Championships – Castle Donnington

This is one event that you need to take part in during the Cross Country Season. This is the chance to run against the best field that you are every likely to face.


Ladies – 8K

Clare – 42.36

Helen – 47.40

Karen – 56.57

Men – 12K

Marv – 1.00.07

Chris – 1.00.55

Brian – 1.01.00

Paul W – 1.04.16

Richard Boyer – 1.04.41

Brendan – 1.05.21

Paul S – 1.17.18

Bushy – 1.22.03

Tim – 1.36.19

A great day and great turnout – some parts were muddy indeed very muddy on the gents third and final lap whilst other parts were firm and rutted. A good all-round test of ones ankles over a never ending course!


Belvoir Challenge 15M

This challenge of approximately 26 and 15 miles, depending on how far you want to go of course follows footpaths, byways, tracks, and minor roads, and with the kind permission of the Duke of Rutland, goes through the Belvoir Estate. Both routes start and finish at Harby Village Hall and are clearly way-marked with coloured tape. There are checkpoints roughly every 5 miles providing free drinks and snacks.


Julie M – 3.19.00


Sunday 28/02/2016


Coventry Half Marathon


Rob Lane – 1.39.44

Michael C – 1.42.44

Richard S – 1.47.20

Fiona – 1.51.35


Hope Winter Fell Race – 10.5K

The route is a reverse of the Summer race and is mainly off road, crossing meadows, a little bit of tarmac, rough hill paths, forest and open moorland.  It summits Win Hill, with a total ascent of 540 meters – if it’s clear weather there will be spectacular views across the Hope Valley.


Caroline – 1.12.31

Paul S – 1.17.52

*** Well done to Paul S – 3 races in 2 days – good going :)


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Report for Monday 01/02/2016 to Sunday 21/02/2016

Apologies – i’ve been a bit slack and missed some weekly reports so this is a bit of a catch up!!)

Saturday 06/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Ateyab – 17.46 – 1st

Spray – 19.03

Chris – 20.05

Brian – 20.32

Brendan – 25.02

Paul W – 25.02 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Paul S – 25.24

Bushy – 26.10

Simon – 26.54

Graham – 26.57

South Devon Costal Marathon / Half Marathon

This is one for the brave really – it’s a trail race along a costal route so quite tough to say the least – inspiringly it was Marv that was up for this and he even managed to drag Lucy along to take part in the half (well ‘halfish’!). Don’t think Lucy will want to do this again 😛


Marv – 5.26.10 – 28.5M

Lucy – 3.44.45 – 14.3M

Sunday 07/02/2016

Charnwood Hills

This is an annually held 14 miles, 1200ft of assent Trail race,


Jason Ball – 2.12.45

Paul S – 2.33.40

Saturday 13/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run


Ateyab – 17.12 – Long Eaton Park Run PB – 4th

Chris – 19.45 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Brian – 20.18

George – 24.15 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Bushy – 25.05 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Graham – 27.00

Sherwood Pines Park Run

Simon – 31.14 – Sherwood Pines Park Run PB

Dukeries 10M


Rob Lane – 1.28.39

Sunday 14/02/2016

Barcelona Half Marathon


Marv – 1.28.58

Lucy – 1.58.00

East Midlands Cross Country – Colwick Woods

The conditions were dryer than expected but still relatively muddy and slippery in places. They even managed to throw in another hill for good measure! 1 lap for the ladies (approx 2.6M) and 2 laps for the gents (approx 5.05M)



Caroline – 24.17

Mary – 25.17

Helen – 27.13

Andrea – 29.17


Brian – 39.02

Simon – 48.01

Bushy – 55.08

Wednesday 17/02/2016

Dave Denton’s Midweek races


1 Mile

Rob Lane – 6.04

Brian Warner – 6.10

Bushy – 7.23

Paul S – 7.37


Brian – 20.11

Rob Lane – 21.46

Paul S – 24.55

Bushy – 25.28

Saturday 20/02/2016

Long Eaton Park Run


Brian – 20.36

Brendan – 23.04

Sharon – 24.06 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Bushy – 25.00 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Graham – 26.41

Simon – 28.25 – 50th Park Run

Neil – 31.34

Sunday 21/02/2016

Sleaford Half Marathon

Quite a windy day!


Rob Lane – 1.53.27

Wokingham Half


Marv – 1.28.35

Lucy – 1.59.01

East Midlands Cross Country – Trent Meadows

Yes – this was a wet one! – Through the quite deep continuous wet patches!! A small lap then a large lap for the ladies (approx 2.75M) and a small lap and 2 large laps for the gents (approx 5.05M)



Caroline – 26.36

Mary – 28.16

Helen – 29.11

Andrea – 31.55


Brian – 39.55

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Sinfin Dinner / Dance / Presentation Evening 30/01/2016

On the 30th of January we held our annual Dinner / Dance / Presentation Evening at the Hallmark Hotel on Midland Road.

At this event we celebrate our member’s successes over the previous year and present awards for those that have come top of the various championships. We also relax, let our hair down and enjoy ourselves after a hard year of running as only SRC can!

The awards presented were as follows –

Fell Racing Champion

Paul Stevenson


Ladies Cross County Champion

Helen Ripley


Mens Cross Country Champion

Brian Warner


Ladies Road Running Champion

Clare Harrison


Mens Road Running Champion

Brendan Devlin


Ladies Best Performance

Clare Harrison


Mens Best Performance

James Spray


Club Person of the Year

Brian Warner


Special thanks go to Mick George who organised the event and Chris Morrison who hosted the awards.

Hopefully the following pictures (which are in no particular order) go to show that we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Watch our for Spray’s mysterious missing tash 😛

IMG_5231 IMG_5230 IMG_5211 IMG-20160131-WA049 IMG-20160131-WA047 IMG-20160131-WA046 IMG-20160131-WA045 IMG-20160131-WA044 IMG-20160131-WA043 IMG-20160131-WA042 IMG-20160131-WA041 IMG-20160131-WA040 IMG-20160131-WA039 IMG-20160131-WA038 IMG-20160131-WA037 IMG-20160131-WA035 IMG-20160131-WA027 IMG-20160131-WA028 IMG-20160131-WA030 IMG-20160131-WA031 IMG-20160131-WA032 IMG-20160131-WA034 IMG-20160131-WA026 IMG-20160131-WA023 IMG-20160131-WA022 IMG-20160131-WA021 IMG-20160131-WA020 IMG-20160131-WA019 IMG-20160131-WA013 IMG-20160131-WA014 IMG-20160131-WA015 IMG-20160131-WA016 IMG-20160131-WA017 IMG-20160131-WA018 IMG-20160131-WA012 IMG-20160131-WA011 IMG-20160131-WA010 IMG-20160131-WA009 IMG-20160131-WA008 IMG-20160131-WA007 IMG-20160131-WA000 IMG-20160131-WA001 IMG-20160131-WA003 IMG-20160131-WA004 IMG-20160131-WA005 IMG-20160131-WA006 12644881_1023308681075682_7685963171798461340_n 12642468_1023306437742573_79193493192595402_n

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JDRF Presentation 26/01/2016

On the 26th of January 2016 a presentation cheque of £1795.00 was given to Fiona from Sharon, Michael and Mick for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. JDRF is the only charity that supports Type 1 diabetes suffered by children and is a charity that Fiona avidly supports as one of her daughter’s suffers from Type 1 diabetes.

Sharon, Michael and Mick took part in the 2015 Great North Run and raised sponsorship for participating in this prestigious event. Thanks go to all that provided sponsorship which resulted in a truly fantastic amount being collected.

Presentation photo


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Weekly Report Monday 25/01/2016 to Sunday 31/01/2016

Saturday 30/01/2016

Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Ateyab – 17.59 – 3rd
Chris – 19.57 – Long Eaton Park Rub PB
Brian – 20.36
Bushy – 25.42 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Neil – 29.11

A little bit colder than last week with a chilling wind on the home straight ?

The 30th was also our Presntation Evening / Dinner / Dance – Photos and separate post will follow.

Sunday 31/01/2016

Wilmot Wander – 32.5M

Some of our members do like to run this but it does normally fall the day after our ‘Evening’ so it would be only the brave that attempt this!


Dave Broadbent – 5.29.25

Tigger Tor – 9.5M

See the following details of this race which I have taken directly from the website

The route

Course Map – See Below


For safety reasons, the return route, from checkpoint 11, was changed last year to avoid the busy Hathersage Road section – see attached map for details. That part of the route this year will be the same as last year.
Checkpoints, as marked on the attached map, must be visited in numerical sequence.

The route between checkpoints is optional with the exception of:

a section of the route after CP2 (Ox Stones). From that point, to reduce environmental impact, there is a short mandatory section of the route. All runners must follow the marshals’ directions and must not run on the main paths between CP2 (map ref 280831) and map ref 271828 (a point on the path that leads to Burbage Rocks). As most runners won’t have the opportunity to reccy this section, it will be marshalled/marked throughout. The marshals at CP2 will direct runners onto the mandatory line, that you should follow for the first 100m after you leave CP2. This will take you across open, rough, heather-covered terrain for about 100m. As long as you comply with the wording of the rule, as stated above, once you pass the last marshal, you are free to find your own way.However, an advisory route, along a feint path, has been marked with bamboo canes/hazard tape as far as map ref 271828 (a distance of about 900m), where it meets the main path that leads to Burbage Rocks. To see a plot (in reverse) of the diversion, including the advisory route, click here
The 2 short, marked, marshalled sections between Tigers RUFC and Checkpoint 1/11, competitors must not run along roads.
Competitors must find their own way to each checkpoint without external assistance. Marshals will do no more than indicate the general direction in which you should proceed on leaving a checkpoint.

To cap it all it was a cold cold miserable race as can be seen by Rogers photo below





Roger – 1.53.10
Caroline – 2.01.40
Simon – 2.11.23
Paul S – 2.14.16

Derby Runner League Cross Country – Grace Dieu
(Yeah never heard of the place either!!!)

Anyway – Neil ran this as 2nd claim for RR Harriers and Bushy ran this as second claim for Heanor RC.


Dunno – not up yet!!!

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Weekly Report Monday 18/01/2016 to Sunday 24/01/2016

Weekly Report Monday 18/01/2016 to Sunday 24/01/2016

Saturday 23/01/2016

Long Eaton Park Run – 5K


Ateyeb – 17.46 – Long Eaton Park Run PB – 4th
Brian – 20.09 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Chris – 20.15 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Michel C – 23.48 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Simon – 23.56 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Sharon – 24.28 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Graham – 26.41 – Long Eaton Park Run PB
Neil – 28.30 – Long Eaton Park Run PB

Perfect conditions, despite a little cold, and a clean sweep of PB’s at Long Eaton :)

Booth Decorators League Cross Country – Trent Meadows – 5.5M


Paul S – 49.03
Bushy – 51.05


Both noted – they were running as second claims.

Ashurst Beacon Hill Race – 5.9M


Caroline – 55.27

This is a race of 290M (951Ft) of climb

Sunday 24/01/2016

Las Palmas Half Marathon – Gran Caneria

Rob Lane – 1.46.51

Rob wins this weeks furthest afield race!!!!


We’ll forgive Rob his TDR vest – he did book this as TDR before becoming second claim to us and he did redeem himself with the below picture :)


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Weekly Report Monday 11/01/2016 to Sunday 17/01/2016

Weekly Report Monday 11/01/2016 to Sunday 17/01/2016

Wednesday 13/01/2016

Dave Denton Midweek Races (Raynesway)


1 Mile

Roger – 6.22
Brian – 6.32
George – 6.42
Bushy – 7.42
Paul S – 8.02


Brian – 20.15
Roger – 21.48
George – 24.05
Paul – 25.45
Bushy – 26.45

Saturday 16/01/2016

Mansfield Park Run


Rob Lane – 21.30

If you get the chance to go to Mansfield guys this is another flat fast course!

Long Eaton Park Run


Neil – 28.31 Long Eaton Park Run

North Midlands Cross Country – Wollaton


Ladies – 7K

Caroline – 28.14
Helen R – 31.25

It’s good to see some of the old birds out at the cross country !
Mens – 6.6M

Brian – 45.17
Richard R – 50.35
Simon – 54.35

Sunday 17/01/2016

East Midlands Cross Country – Bramcote


Ladies – 2.75M

Mary – 25.53

Mens – 5.6M

Brian – 45.17
Simon – 53.21
Bushy – 58.53

I managed to drag Simon (as well as on Saturday) and Mary to this race. If you remember it had snowed on the night before so this was a snowy and muddy race. You have to be careful of the mole hills, which are virtually hidden by the snow so the ankles took a battering. The route had a nice little extra climb with descent which added to this already tough course!

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